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Ethics: Live Video Interview with Ex-CPA Ex-Partner Scott London

Course Code: GZSLLI1
Program Level: Advanced
Description: In this hard hitting, no holds barred, one-of-a-kind live interview held last year (just before his prison sentence), Scott London wanted to help others avoid his mistakes. At the pinnacle of a lifelong CPA career, it all came crashing down when he was arrested by the FBI. (See links to news clips below)

This event may be a rebroadcast of a live event and the instructor will be available to answer your questions either during or after the event.
Learning Objectives: Find out how and why ethical CPAs do unethical things.
Program Content:

This interview took place last June, just before London was set to go to prison. To see a brand new interview with London now that he is out of prison, click here

In this in-depth look into the mind of an ethical CPA who destroyed his career, Zeune & Ickert probed London about:

  • Detailed analysis of the many AICPA ethics rules London violated.
  • Detailed analysis of which new “Clarified Professional Ethics Standards” he would have violated had they been in effect, focusing on the new requirement to maintain confidentiality.
  • How background, family culture and personal pressure combined to cause the train wreck.  
  • Why he slid down the slippery slope from regional partner.
  • Make friend - go directly to jail. (apologies to Monopoly)
  • Did London know it was wrong?
  • How London passed inside information.
  • How was the information used?
  • Why didn't London understand the risk?
  • How he structured the information to avoid detection.
  • Did pressure at work contribute to his downfall?
  • The cost to his firm.
  • What it's like to be an FBI target.
  • How he got caught.
  • How to decide to plead guilty or go to trial.
  • The reaction of London's firm.
  • The devastation to his family.
  • How London surrendered his CPA license.
  • What it's like to negotiate a plea with the US attorney.
  • Being on the evening news when you don't want to be.
  • What it's like to have news vans parked in front of your house.
  • It's only money - why prison?
  • What was his sentence and where would he serve time?
  • Lawsuits, retirement, shame...is there life after release?
  • The one question that would have stopped London cold.

Watch news video clips about London:

CNBC: Scott London sentenced to 14 months
CNBC: Former KPMG Partner Scott London: I Got About $70,000

Who should attend: CPAs in public practice, business and industry, managing partners, compliance officers, chief learning officers, risk managers, and regulators
Developed By: The Pros & The Cons, LLC
Instructor: Gary Zeune, CPA MAcct and Heinz Ickert, CPA interview Scott London
CPE Credit: 4
Field of Study: Behavioral Ethics
Prerequisites: None
Advanced Preparation: None
Format: Group-Internet-Based

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